Fishing in Fiji

fiji fishingWith its warm, tropical waters and rich ocean ecosystem, Fiji is an excellent place for fishing year-round. There are many spots in Fiji teeming with various types of fish of all sizes. Its great fishing spots and wide variety of marine life that make their home in these waters make game fishing on these islands an interesting and exciting experience.

Best Fishing Locations in Fiji

There are various locations in Fiji that are excellent for big game fishing. Southern Viti Levu is one of these areas, where tuna, the colorful mahi mahi (or dolphin fish), which are delicious to eat, and the wahoo, which is probably the fastest fish in the ocean, can be found. The deep channels of Kadavu and Bega are also filled with fish, including the enormous marlin, which can weigh between 400-800 pounds, Spanish mackerel, another large fish that typically weighs between 50-100 pounds, the yellow fin tuna and trevally. You can fish in this area by staying at the Nagigia Island Resort, located on the tiny island of Nagigia in the southern islands.

The northern coast of Taveuni and the southern Mamanuca Islands are other great locations for game fishing. In Taveuni, the reef along Matangi Island and Laucala is particularly excellent for fishing, as a lot of larger fish can be found and caught there. The Matangi Island Resort also offers its guests fishing trips, and the Tokoriki Resort in the southern Mamanuca group offers its own fishing boats.

A number of larger game fishing charters operate from the Musket Cove Resort, located in the heart of the Mamanuca Group and Denarau Marina, which is just outside of Nadi on Viti Levu.

Fiji Game Fishing Seasons

Many species of fish have a particular season when you are most likely to catch them. If you are looking to catch a specific type of fish, the following is the best time of year that you can find it:

  • Sail Fish and Marlin:  Can be found year-round, though the best time is between November through February
  • Spanish Mackerel: Can be found May through September
  • Wahoo: Can be found year-round
  • Mahi Mahi: Can be found December through January and June through August
  • Giant Trevally: Can be found year-round
  • Tuna: Can be found year-round, though best between May and September