Night Shows in Fiji

Much of the night entertainment in Fiji is cultural, from dances to fire-walking to kava ceremonies. The night shows in Fiji will have you both awestruck and joining in the fun.

Fire-Walking Shows

The only area where you can see Fijian fire-walking as a genuine ceremony is on the island of Beqa. During this unusual Hindu ritual, the performers walk barefoot on extremely hot stones, usually with small spears pierced through various areas of their bodies. You can find these shows at the Cultural Center at Pacific Harbour and at some of the larger resorts located along the Coral Coast in Viti Levu, such as the Rydges Hideaway Resort.

Yaqona Ceremony

During a yaqona (or kava) ceremony, the traditional Fijian yaqona drink, which is made from the roots of the plant, is served in a hand-carved wooden bowl with participants sitting in a circle around the bowl. Various other forms of cultural entertainment, including the singing and playing of Fijian songs, dancing and storytelling, are also part of the event. This ceremony takes place at all cultural and social events, and many resorts hold nightly yaqona gatherings as well. This event is an excellent way to interact with both locals and tourists. However, this drink is very strong, so you do not want to drink too much of it.

Polynesian Cultural Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) provides various forms of entertainment dealing with Fijian culture, as well as the cultures of other major Polynesian island groups. The center offers different singing and dance shows, as well as fire-dancing and fire-walking. However, it is best known for its multicultural Polynesian show, Hā–Breath of Life, which features various Polynesian cultural singing and dancing consisting of the Meke (the traditional Fijian dance), Hula, Tamure, Titi Torea, Otea, Haka, Tamure, Poi, Taualuga and Tau’olunga.

Other shows have included Horizons: Where the Sun Meets the Sky, This is Polynesia, and Mana: The Spirit of Our People.

Resorts and Cruises

Many resorts and dinner cruises in Fiji have great night entertainment. Performers will provide various forms of cultural entertainment, such as the traditional Meke dance, as well as kava ceremonies and sometimes even fire-walking at resorts.