Whitewater Rafting in Fiji

If you want to do something new or exciting while on your trip to Fiji, whitewater rafting is one excellent choice. There are many professionally guided rafting tours that you can choose from. You can enjoy rapids of all classes and take in the beautiful natural surroundings, plus these islands have a year-round tropical climate, so it does not matter when you decide to plan your adventure.

Fiji Rafting Adventures

There are a wide variety of whitewater rafting trips in Fiji for everyone, no matter what your experience level or sense of adventure. You can fish or simply relax and take in the scenery while on calm waters, or you can crash your way through the water while encountering Class V rapids!

One excellent location in Fiji for rafting is on the Upper Navua River, where you can paddle your way through Class II-III rapids. The scenery here is also gorgeous, given that you pass through the islands’ only designated Ramar site, a protected wetland of international importance. It is home to several rare and indigenous species, including rare bats, iguanas, birds and palms, as well as newly discovered species of freshwater fish.

Other sights you can experience while on this river are at least 50 waterfalls and side canyons, which also have fossilized masses of coral and turtle shell lodged into the walls.

Another river in Fiji that is great for an exciting whitewater experience is the Wainikoroiluva (or ?luva), where you can be subjected to Class II rapids. Near the area is the quaint Nakavika village, where you can meet village members and be welcomed with a traditional Kava ceremony.

You can choose rafting trips that last several hours to several days. While on a trip, you can take in the beauty of untouched Fijian nature, see a large variety of unique plant and wildlife and receive a warm welcome from riverside village members and stay overnight in these traditional Fijian villages.

Planning Your Trip

You can find out more about and plan your rafting trip while booking your stay on Fiji, or you can get information from employees at your hotel or resort and even from other locals.