Fiji Tours

Fiji offers tours that allow you to take in and explore the islands’ beautiful sights, along with giving you the opportunity to participate in various interesting and fun activities, such as snorkeling, scuba diving and even shopping. Some will also take you into Fijian villages and allow you to take part in common village activities, especially the traditional kava ceremony. You have the choice of a wide variety of tours, all of which give you the chance to explore and experience a particular part of Fiji.

Nature tours in Fiji

Fiji’s wide variety of flora and fauna make these islands excellent for sightseeing. You can choose to explore Fiji’s splendid natural sights while on a professionally guided tour with a tour guide who is knowledgeable about the different forms of nature, or you can go out and look around on your own. Much of the larger islands are covered by rainforests, of which most areas are owned by members of local villages.

Here, you can also find over 2000 indigenous plant species and various bird species, though there are not too many species of land animals. Because there are various flora and fauna species that can only be found in Fiji, sightseeing and exploring the nature around these islands is an interesting and unique experience.

Botanical Gardens

fiji floraLarge, beautiful gardens, including the Thurston Gardens, Garden of the Sleeping Giant and the South Sea Gardens are certainly worth seeing. The Thurston Gardens, located in Suva next to the Fiji Museum, is a public botanical park that brings a calming effect in the center of a bustling city. There are few flowers in this garden, but there are many interesting indigenous trees and shrubs that are all labeled.

The Garden of the Sleeping Giant is located at the foothills of the Nausori Highlands near Nadi. It contains Fiji’s largest and most varied orchard collection and features many other indigenous plants. The South Sea Orchards, near the Burness family home just outside of Nadi, also contains several kinds of orchards, along with a variety of tropical flowers.

Wildlife Parks

One of Fiji’s wildlife parks, the Kula Wildlife Park, serves as a conservation center for the islands’ endangered species and hosts a great variety of other species of wildlife. It is located outside Sigatoka on the Coral Coast and is set around a lightly wooded rainforest with cages holding different birds and other animals, particularly iguanas and colorful birds, including parrots and orange doves. This is a great place to visit if you want to see interesting and various forms of Fijian wildlife up close. To be able to look around here, you must walk around the park for at least one hour, though two or three hours is recommended.

Suva tours

suvaThere are many sights to see and things to do in Fiji’s capital city. In Suva, you can see gardens, bushwalks, temples, churches and mosques, plus there are many shops where you can bargain for good deals on various items, such as clothing.

The Fiji Museum, where you can see different historical and art galleries and learn about other information related to Fiji, is another popular place to visit. The home of the President of the Republic of Fiji is also nearby. Here, you are able to take pictures of the house and of yourself standing beside the guard at the front gate.

At night, Suva is lit up by neon colors coming from the nightclubs and bars, all of which you can go to during this time. Live local bands and current overseas hit songs fill the air and liven up the night as well.

Nadi tours

The town of Nadi is home to Fiji’s international airport. Many hotels and beaches are located in Nadi, and you can also participate in various activities, such as watersports, boat rides to the outer islands, cruises, helicopter and seaplane rides, shopping and different tours to various parts of Fiji. Nightclubs, sporting facilities and cinemas are other entertainment options in Nadi.


Lautoka is Fiji’s second largest city and is also known as the “Sugar City” because it is home to the southern hemisphere’s largest sugar mill. In this city, you will find a beautiful botanical garden, children’s park, sporting facilities, cinemas, social clubs, children’s play centers and pool tables spread all over the city.

There are also many restaurants that serve a variety of ethnic cuisines and shops that sell almost any type of item, such as clothing, food, medicines, sporting equipment, liquor outlets, video rentals, duty free items and more.
The FSC Compound, which is made up of old colonial homes and 100-year-old banyan trees, and Vuda Point, where legend has it that the first Fijians landed, are other great sights to visit near Lautoka.


The Savusavu Bay is among the world’s finest natural harbors where cruise ships visit regularly. Stores in Savusavu carry duty free goods where woven and carved local handicrafts, along with other everyday items, such as toiletries and film, are sold. Unique attractions in this city include the thermal springs at Nakama and the blowholes at Namale.

Activities in Savusavu include fishing, bay cruises, reef-beach activities, tours, scenic drives and local entertainment. The Daku Resort, Kontiki Resort, Cousteau Fiji Islands and the Namale Plantation, which is a beachside working copra plantation, are all accommodations in this city that you can choose from.

Beaches and Activities

fiji beachThe Fiji Islands contain a large variety of beautiful and luxurious beaches where you can participate in different recreational activities. Some are also located near resorts, which allow guests instant access to them. There are beaches on many of the Fijian islands, including Viti Levu, especially the Coral Coast area on the island, the Mamanuca Islands, Yasawa and the Fiji Southern Islands, such as Kadavu.

Watersports, such as surfing, water skiing, surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling, can be done on many of the beaches. Colorful coral reefs and many forms of marine life are found in Fiji’s clear, tropical waters, which makes underwater activities like scuba diving and snorkeling even more exciting and memorable. You can also enjoy land activities, such as beach volleyball.


There are various local villages in Fiji which you can visit through tours and participate in village activities, particularly the traditional kava ceremony. One Fijian village, Nukusere, lies below the junction of the Wainikoroilova and Wainitonuve rivers on a bank overlooking the Navua River. It has about 250 village members and is one of the most traditional Fijian villages because of its isolation from the more “modern” areas of Fiji.

Another village named Viseisei is fabled to be near the area where the first Fijians settled around 3500 years ago. It is located just 15 minutes by taxi from the Nadi International Airport, so the village location is also convenient for those who need a break before continuing on with their journey to other villages or other various locations and is also visited while on certain tours.