Fiji University

While high-quality secondary education in Fiji is primarily found in the handful of international schools throughout the country, tertiary education in Fiji is wide, varied and well-developed. Every year, students throughout the South Pacific flock to Fiji to attend some of its world-famous universities.

University of the South Pacific

Fiji is renowned in particular for the University of the South Pacific (USP), which is a premier educational facility owned jointly by the governments of 12 island countries in the South Pacific. USP has campuses in all 12 countries, but the main campus, Laucala, is located in Fiji.

The university is organized into four departmental areas – Arts & Law; Business & Economics; Islands & Oceans; and Science & Technology – and each department is run by a dean of faculty. The university is well-known for the high standard it sets for its research, and both the undergraduate and the graduate degrees conferred by its departments are comparable in quality to those given at well-known universities in Great Britain, New Zealand and Australia. Many graduates from USP go on to hold important high-level positions in the public and private sectors.

Fiji Institute of Technology

The Fiji Institute of Technology (FIT) is another first-rate university with campuses conveniently dispersed throughout the Suva metropolitan area, as well as the western and northern parts of the island. FIT was established in 1960 and is currently governed by a council of technology experts who work for the Fiji government and in the private sector. The student body at FIT is comprised of Fijians and international students from nearby Asian countries.

Fiji School of Medicine

In addition to housing some of the best educational facilities in the South Pacific, Fiji is also home to the Fiji School of Medicine, one of the region’s oldest universities. Established in 1885 under the name “Suva Medical School,” the Fiji School of Medicine is now considered the leading medical school in the South Pacific and offers training in medicine, as well as in pharmacy, physiotherapy, dentistry, dietetics, public health, environmental health, radiography and laboratory technology.

University of Fiji

Established in 2005, the University of Fiji has quickly climbed the tertiary education ladder in the South Pacific to become an educational institution that is well-respected for its diverse program offerings and its commitment to creating a university that sets high standards that can withstand a global litmus test. One of the university’s missions is to “support Fiji 's development as a sustainable, peaceful, inclusive and progressive society committed to good governance.”

In addition to offering degrees in Computing Science, Information Technology, Economics, Mathematics, in 2007, the University of Fiji added Fijian Language and Culture and Hindi Language and Culture to its course offerings. And in 2008, the university also introduced medical and law degree programs.